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Video Exclusive: Sergio Aguero signs for Manchester City as fans share their reactions

 2 Comments- Add comment Written on 28-Jul-2011 by malcylon


Produced by Kirsty Malcolm for MCFCfans

Sergio Aguero became Manchester City’s club record signing and emerged after signing his contract to an excited crowd of supporters at the Etihad stadium yesterday.  MCFCfans caught the mood with exclusive footage of Kun making a point of dealing with every single request from fans to sign autographs and take pictures, with two delightful junior Blues over the moon at securing his signature.

  Sergio has his picture taken with a junior Blue

City fans demonstrated their excellent command of Spanish, though Sergio was clearly briefed to not respond to questions. However, when City fan Norman Burkitt asked,"how are you?" in Spanish, a smiling Sergio replied, "bien!"  Life-long City fan Burkitt is now on his way to Dublin hoping to see Sergio play for the first time in a City shirt, whilst his daughter Jasmine appears in the BBC3 documentary series,"Small Teen Bigger World," on Monday at 9pm.

Aguero remarked on his Twitter feed some last night,"I'm already a City player. I'm happy to be in this club and in this town. Thank you all for the welcome and the reception!!!"

Comment below with your ideas for a Kun chant !!

Twitter: @MCFCfans


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We're not really here - the psychology of a City fan

 6 Comments- Add comment Written on 17-Jan-2010 by malcylon

No. 4 - We're not really here

Do you ever ask yourself, what will it be like if and when we start winning trophies?  An entire generation of City fans look forward to the moment when City lift their next trophy.  The Carling Cup is a mere three games away.  But do you think that younger City fans are ready to experience winning?!

This is another video that caught our eye for a low amount of views even though it's an interesting video.  Professor Cary Cooper talks about the psychology of City fans with a video that contains some great footage of the stands at Maine Road.  This one deserves more than the 2,954 views it has had so far so we've put it in at No.4 in the MCFCfans video chart. 


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City’s defence springs a leak that must be plugged

 2 Comments- Add comment Written on 25-Oct-2009 by malcylon

City dropped two points today as the inability to keep a clean sheet begins to take its’ toll.  It was an improvement on last year’s 3-1 loss.  But it was certainly disappointing to miss out on the opportunity to capitalise on the results going on around us this weekend.

We were happily informed by Shaun Goater’s ‘Read the Goat’ column in the match programme that he would be wearing his t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops whilst watching the game in 70 degrees heat, just as it started p***ing down in Manchester.  At that point City announced what on paper looked to be a formidable attacking line-up with Petrov, Bellamy, Tevez, Adebayor all starting.  But the shape didn’t pay huge dividends, and it was clear that the raft of recent internationals has interrupted City’s learning curve.

After a dull start, the game had its’ first highlight in the 11th minute when the Kippax identified a posh chap from Fulham in a pink jumper.  “Who’s the tranny in the pink?” was followed by variations on the same theme for a couple of minutes before the aforementioned posh chap, who to be fair acknowledged the City end with a hearty wave, became so embarrassed that he took his pink jumper off.  For all Fulham’s population of the away end looked pretty pathetic their dogged determination on the pitch certainly wasn’t.

Petrov was awarded with a start after his good performances and operated on both sides, swapping with Bellamy in order to take up corner-taking duties.  But the 10-man Fulham defence made it hard for City to stretch down the flanks, and the attack often found itself in a circular formation that lacked link play in the middle.   It could have been a setup that Ireland would have been more suited to in the berth alongside Barry. 

When the deadlock was finally broken in the 53rd minute it was a scrappy goal that was awarded to Adebayor during the match, but seems to have been given to Lescott post-match.  Great link-up play then saw Petrov pick his spot with a superb finish to make it 2-0.  City were cruising and it looked like the floodgates might open.  However, they opened at the other end in five minutes of defensive madness. The warning signs were there for all to see when Zamora somehow missed from point blank after a series of defensive howlers saw Fulham dance into the box earlier in the match.  There was a lack of organisation in defence that needs to be resolved rapidly. 

Tevez and Bellamy led by example in their promotion of work-rate, Tevez regularly getting into the box to create chances, but it was telling that City had twenty-four (24) chances and only six were on target.  The benefit to the team provided by the ever-improving Bridge was more than wiped out by Micah Richards who was a passenger for most of the game. To be fair to him he did a job that would have been done by Zabaleta had he not been suspended, but it was an obvious area of weakness that Fulham did well to exploit.

Overall, a disappointment but not a catastrophe. As TLDORC blog rightly points out, the press will be on the lookout for a new crisis club now that Liverpool have beaten United.  We need to make sure it is not City, starting with Scunthorpe.


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Hughes ready to guide City through to New Year party

 2 Comments- Add comment Written on 17-Oct-2009 by malcylon

City start the club management’s next pre-defined block of games in an exciting season against Wigan on Sunday.  The first block went extremely well, and if City are in the top four by new year then I ‘ll have a fine Scotch in honour of a great first half of the season.  To be honest I’ll have a fine Scotch anyway, but it’ll taste better if City are up there!

City have defied the pre-season critics both on and off the pitch, smoothly riding the waves of press vitriol coming its’ way.  One can only hazard at the current state of mind of Sir Alex Ferguson who in yesterday’s Daily Mail advised us that City may be heading for financial disintegration in the future, questioning at the same time whether or not it can be good for a club to have financial stability.

The tide is turning.  Sport magazine, a London-based sports freebie, has been something akin to a United fanzine for much of the early season.  So it was no surprise that its’ editor didn’t reply to my friendly e-mail requesting some balance in their coverage.  It’s a decent Sport weekly, so why did they see fit to profile a different United player each week? 

Well maybe they were listening this week as the player profiling gave way for “The Power List 2009,” a list of Sports view of the 50 people who wield the most influence in British sport.  Sandwiched in between Lord Coe at No.3 and Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive of BSkyB, is our very own Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayad Al Nahyan.  One of the world’s most powerful investors who has brought instant stability to City, certainly not the prospect of financial disintegration that £700 million of debt brings.

Kicking off the season again with a win against Wigan will be important. It’s a tough game that provides a stern test of resilience.  We will miss Bellamy if he’s not fit, but it’s up to the team to make sure we win games like this.  Once again the Manchester City Babies in Ghana have provided great inspiration.  The club picked up a triple crown of league victories in all age groups two weeks ago, and finished last weekend unbeaten with two wins and a draw – see their dedicated page here.


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Media Farce, Fans Disgrace: City fans growing tired

 14 Comments- Add comment Written on 17-Sep-2009 by malcylon

Arsenal12Sep09 006 compressed

   The respect handshake prior to the City match against Arsenal

What a fantastic victory against Arsenal.  We really did Sheikh up the Gooners.  But what a shame it has been over-shadowed by reporting that can only be described as totally un-balanced. 

City have reluctantly accepted the FA charge for the stamp on Van Persie, almost certainly the right decision in the circumstances.  The situation that remains with the goal celebration is an altogether harder one to judge from the club's perspective. Can City really expect a fair hearing at appeal in light of the totally un-balanced reporting in the press?

It's a mystery why there has been so little coverage and comment of the behaviour of a small section of Arsenal fans at the front of the away end.  Their reaction was of the kind I have never seen at a match in my life, with the exception of a fairly large riot at a derby match in Brazil.  It was completely over-the-top and reflective of a culture among a minority at the club who believe that player hate campaigns are de rigeur. 

No mention in the press reporting of Van Persie's celebration in front of the City fans when Arsenal equalised. Not one that I have noticed.  City fans, impeccably behaved in recent history, watched aghast at the reaction in the away end to Adebayor's celebration.  When Van Persie trooped over to the home-end corner of the Colin Bell stand did you see objects and chairs flying towards the pitch?  Not a bit of it.  No crowd rush, barely even a reaction and yet this has been nowhere in the reporting of the Adebayor celebration.  No mention either of Henry's unpunished celebration in front of Spurs fans in 2002. 

If any readers have in fact found a balanced report of this incident, please could they post a link as we would like to congratulate the reporter involved.

City fans are fair-minded supporters with a passion and love for the game.  We're light-hearted and full of good humour. We don't believe in player hate campaigns.  We don't take life so damn seriously that we need to rush to the front of the away end and knock a steward out.  Sure, Adebayor's celebration was perhaps over-the-top and most City fans would probably accept that.  What we don't accept is the relentless attack against our football club. In this particular case, the un-balanced reporting of this incident has the real potential to make idiotic so-called fans of clubs everywhere to think that a reaction like that is completely acceptable.  We appeal to quality reporters everywhere to stop and think before getting caught up in the anti-City hysteria that your industry peers seem intent on whipping up.  Our time has come, let us enjoy it.

MCFCfans (see poll on our home page)

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 4 Comments- Add comment Written on 20-Apr-2008 by 98dmalcolm

Welcome to,

We have created this site to respond to the new era of fansites and hope to increase the accessibility of fan sites to everyone. This new site syndicates photos, news and videos from all over the internet as well as creating a meeting point for fans.

Our hope is that it will develop in to a thriving constructive community with a wealth of knowledge on the club's history along with high quality coverage of the club & its' games.

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