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Babies FC season ends with hope for the future

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 06-Jun-2013 by malcylon

The Babies FC had another stellar season operating on a limited budget.  The Under 12s in particular continues to be an age group that performs well in the league, with a second place finish this season.  The Under 14s were fifth while the Under 17s continue to turn in more disappointing results with an 8th place finish.

It is more than likely that the Under 17s suffer from the increased competition that arises in the older age groups.  

Next season we will be looking at ways to improve performance of the club.

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 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 24-Sep-2012 by Ghanaianblue

The Babies FC this weekend choked a memorable victory against their arch rivals Tiyumba.The team went unbeaten in all the age groups.The 12s started it all with a 3-1 victory on Saturday morning.goals courtesy Haggai,Kamaldeen and Mustapha.The babies outplayed their opponents in all departments of the game.After the victory the news broke to the entire Kanvilli Tunayilli Community and the whole community were in a jubilant mood.The 12s victory  and the jubilant mood of the community motivated the 14s who were to play in the afternoon.They came out strongly and also won 1-0 courtesy Somed to continue the jubilations in the community.The 17s then completed the babies unbeaten run yesterday with a 1-1 draw game.

The 12s now need to win in their last match against Eagles to qualify to the top four tourney to determine the overall champions but the 14s and 17s will finish mid table if the get good results next weekend.

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MCFC Babies Vrs Metoers: Match Preview

 1 Comment- Add comment Written on 26-Mar-2010 by Ghanaianblue

Manchester City babies FC will wrap up their season with their final game of this season Northern Regional Juvenile League with a game againt Metoers.The games is going to be a very decisive one for the Babies as good results might move the babies forward of the league standing depending on the outcome of the other games.Currently the under 12s are 4th on their standing ,whiles the 14s are 3rd in their category and the 17s are also 4th in their division.The 12s and 14s will be playing tomorrow,whiles the 17s will be playing on Sunday.More updates later

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 1 Comment- Add comment Written on 14-Mar-2010 by Ghanaianblue

Manchester City Babies this weekend win all 3 out of the the 3 games played this weekend in their league games against Bagabaga FC.The 12s started the impessive round this weekend by beating their opponents by 1-0 on Saturday morning.Whiles the 14s also beat their opponents by 2-0 on Saturday evening.And on today the 17s completed the Babies impressive round by beating their opponents by a goal to nil.

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